Mobile Scanner

The DPI-8X Handheld 3D Scanner

The industry-leading handheld 3D capture solution
  • Instantly capture color 3D data with full freedom of motion.
  • Produce accurate and reliable results in complex environments.
  • Review and edit your point cloud data immediately on the tablet.
  • Export directly to compressed DP format, PTS, PTX, PLY, & PTG.
  • Complete solution: all hardware & software included to start scanning!
  • Built-in advanced features include AprilTags, Append, Targeting, & more.
  • Directly compatible with the Light Kit, Pole Kit, and Accuscale-DP Kit.
  • 16 GB native storage, good for up to 5000 scans in .DP format.

Multi-Platform 3D Productivity

The easiest way to view, edit, and share your data
  • Full-function .DP file viewer and editor for Windows and Android.
  • Ultra precise point-to-point measurements with draggable end points.
  • 3D annotation capabilities, for tagging 3D locations & info.
  • Intuitive 3D multi-crop functionality, for tablets and PCs.
  • Crosshair-based point selection option for highly accurate point picking.
  • Send .DP files and screenshots with direct sharing functionality.
  • Direct export to PTS, PTX, PTG and PLY output formats.
  • Open data from any DotProduct device: DPI-8, R200, Tango, & more.
  • Send data straight from Phi.3D (2.1+) to Dot3D on your DPI-8 Kit.
  • .DP data optimization on both Windows and Android versions.
  • Beta scanning functionality for Intel R200-enabled devices.